Why can’t I order Pay-Per-View programming?

There are various things that can effect your ability to order Pay-Per-View programming:

  1. A delinquent account balance
  2. Delinquency occurs when a payment has not been made by the due date.

  1. Pay-Per-View limits
  2. Your account may limit the dollar amount of Pay-Per-View programming you are permitted to order. A Pay-Per-View limit is assigned to your account based on your individual credit results. When you exceed your assigned limit you will not be able to order additional Pay-Per-View programming.

  1. Equipment issues
  2. Rebooting your Set-Top Box will often resolve equipment related issues.

  1. Connection issues
  2. For the best performance with your digital cable signal, use a coaxial cable distributed by us. If you are using a cable splitter, confirm the cables are securely attached. If they are, and Pay-Per-View is still not working, remove the cable splitter and connect the cables directly to your TV or cable box.

For additional assistance with ordering Pay-Per-View issues, contact us.