How do I manage my Spectrum TV app for Roku Preferences?

Using your Roku remote:

  1. Press the Back arrow to open the Spectrum TV main menu.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Scroll to and select from the following Preferences:
  • Audio Language (SAP): Press OK to turn SAP on or off.
  • Guide Sorting: Press OK to organize your guide by Channel Number (#) or by Network Name.
  • Manage Favorites: Press OK to add or remove favorite networks.
  • Clear Watchlist: Press OK to delete everything you’ve saved to Watch Later.
  • Clear Viewing History and Bookmarks: Press OK to delete information on what you’ve watched and bookmarked.

Note: Changes made to your settings, as well as programs saved to Watch Later, on the Spectrum TV app for mobile devices will also apply to the Spectrum TV app for Roku and