How do I use the Xbox One controller with the Spectrum TV App?

The following buttons on your Xbox One controller can be used to navigate the Spectrum TV App:

  • Y: Used to open the Search function.
  • B: Used to go back or return to the previous screen.
  • X: Used to exit a menu or view program details.
  • A: Used to make a selection. Use the directional pad to highlight an option, then press A to select. While watching an On Demand program, the A button will also bring up the trickplay controls. When signing in to the app or creating a PIN, the A button will bring up an on-screen keyboard.
  • Menu: Opens the Xbox App Bar.
  • View: Used to open the Spectrum TV App Main Menu.
  • Directional Pad/Left Stick: Used to scroll up and down or left and right to navigate the app.
  • Left Trigger: Used to rewind while watching an On Demand program.
  • Right Trigger: Used to fast forward while watching an On Demand program.