What is Whole House HD-DVR and how do I get it?

Whole House HD-DVR allows you to record a program on one DVR and watch it from any Set-Top Box in your house that is connected to your home network. Whole house HD-DVR requires two boxes and at least one of them should include Multi-Room Service as that is what ties the boxes together and allows you to use all the features.

With Whole House HD-DVR you can:

  • Record a program on one HD-DVR and watch it in any room.
  • Start watching a recorded program in one room and finish it in another without having to restart.
  • Pause, fast-forward and rewind recorded programming on any DVR or cable box connected to your home network.
  • Record up to 2 HD shows simultaneously and store up to 150 hours of HD content per DVR.

Note: Customers with Enhanced DVR can record up to 6 shows simultaneously.

You can order Whole House HD-DVR by placing an order online or you can contact us to speak to a customer service representative.