Request to Remove Phone Number

Time Warner Cable calls and sends text messages to customers for various reasons. Occasionally, these calls and/or texts go to the wrong individuals or go to the right person but that individual would prefer not to receive reminders and communication about their account status.

If you are receiving phone calls and/or text messages from Time Warner Cable and you are NOT the Time Warner Cable customer we are trying to reach OR if you receiving delinquency communications intended for you but do not want to receive these delinquency communications any longer, please fill out this form and we will try to stop these attempts as soon as possible.


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We will research the phone number and your request. Please allow up to three business days for the request to be processed.

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    Self-Service Options Could Be Lost

    If you are a TWC customer requesting to have your phone number removed from your account, please understand that removing your phone number from Time Warner Cable’s systems may have negative and unintended consequences. Options lost by removing your phone number:

    • You will not be validated in our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.
    • You will NOT be able to make payments in the IVR.
    • You will not receive local outage notifications.
    • Your calls won’t be routed to the department you request via voice commands.
    • When you call us, you will be transferred to a customer care representative and then transferred to the department that you request.
    • You will experience longer hold times.
    • You won’t receive same-day appointment reminders.

    Other Concerns

    Please note that if you provide your phone number to Time Warner Cable in the future, payment reminder calls will resume.

    If you are a TWC customer and you are concerned about receiving outbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR) calls on your personal account, please visit and review Section 12 of the Time Warner Cable Residential Services Subscriber Agreement for information regarding informational messages about your existing account.