Minimum Internet browsers requirements

Note: When using Firefox, Safari or Chrome, it is generally recommended that you enable automatic version updates and use the latest version available.

    • Internet Explorer 11.0
    • Firefox 40 and higher
    • Safari 8 and higher
    • Chrome 45 and higher
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Internet Explorer 10.0 and higher
    • Firefox 10 and higher
    • Safari 4 and higher
    • Chrome 10 and higher
    • Microsoft Edge
  • This website, including My Account and VoiceZone®
    • Internet Explorer 11.0 and higher
    • Firefox 40 and higher
    • Safari 8 and higher
    • Chrome 45 and higher (not supported for iOS devices – iPad, iPhone, etc.)
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Internet Explorer 11.0 and higher
    • Firefox: current release version and one previous
    • Safari 8.x and higher
    • Chrome: current release version and one previous
    • Microsoft Edge

Browsers that are not optimized

  • Chrome for iOS Mobile & Tablets
  • IE for Windows Mobile

Mobile Chat supported browsers

  • Safari on iOS 5.0 and higher
  • Android Browser
  • Chrome on OS v4.0 and higher
Not supported:
  • Opera
  • Windows Phone
  • Blackberry
  • HTC Default Browser
  • Chrome for iOS

Updating your Internet browsers and finding help

Firefox, Chrome and Safari automatically update with the latest version as long as your personal settings allow it. If you do need to manually download the latest version or need other additional help and support, the following websites can assist you:

Internet Explorer must be manually updated to newer versions. Download the latest version, and if you need additional help and support visit the Windows Support page for Internet Explorer.


A cookie is a small amount of data that a website stores on your hard drive, such as your location, so that when you revisit the website you don't have to re-enter information. Cookies also allow you to pick up where you left off on the website.

The,, and My Account websites all require the use of cookies. These cookies enable us to present content specific to your geographic area.

Enabling cookies differs by Internet browser. Learn how to enable cookies for each browser: