Monitor Your Kids’ Entertainment

Make safe Internet browsing choices for your family

Spectrum is a founding partner and supporter of Common Sense Media (CSM), the nation’s leading organization dedicated to giving families the trustworthy information they need to thrive in a world of entertainment and technology. We also support PointSmart.ClickSafe, a nationwide initiative from Cable in the Classroom and the cable industry that serves as a resource for parents on Internet safety, digital ethics and media literacy.

We put the technology you need in your hands to make it easy for you to monitor your kids’ entertainment.

Take control

Security Suite by McAfee® is included with your Internet subscription and helps secure your family with:

  • Antivirus Software: Guard against viruses and online threats

  • Firewall Protection: Prevent unauthorized access and keep data safe

  • Global Threat Intelligence: Leverage latest threat aggregator

  • Web Advisor Tool: Browsing protection to avoid risky websites and downloads

  • Parental Controls: Manage your children’s browsing and content (PC Only)

Learn more about Spectrum’s Internet Parental Controls.