Internet Modems

You have the option to use a modem provided by Spectrum or buy your own equipment. Compare below to help you decide which option is better for you.

Using a Spectrum Modem

  • We provide the appropriate modem for your Internet service plan and speed tier at no additional charge.
  • Optimal security setting is set by default.
  • We’ll upgrade your equipment if needed at no additional cost.
  • Technical support for your modem is available 24/7 from Spectrum.
  • Return equipment if you cancel your service.

Buying Your Own Modem

  • You purchase your own modem from a local or online retailer.
  • You are responsible for security settings on your wireless network. 
  • You may have to purchase a new modem if yours becomes outdated.
  • Technical support from Spectrum is not guaranteed for purchased modems. You are responsible for the modem if it malfunctions.
  • You must use an authorized device that won’t cause harm to our network.

Modems offered by Spectrum

Buying Your Own Modem

Approved Modems by Download Speed *

To learn more about Spectrum Internet and available speed tiers, visit
Available Internet speeds may vary by address.

Note: If you attempt to install your own device from our authorized modems list that doesn’t meet the speed tier you ordered, or if we can’t determine the device qualification, you’ll get a message that notifies you of this, and you’ll be asked to acknowledge this before you proceed.

Approved Modems by Brand Name

Minimally Qualified

Modem FAQ

* Note: Manufacturer’s stated maximum speed is based on technical capability under optimal testing conditions and is higher than actual usable speed, which is impacted by network traffic, an individual’s speed plan and other variables. The appropriate recommended modem is required for the best possible experience of our speed plans. Actual speeds may vary.

** Note: DOCSIS 1.0/1.X modems are no longer supported on our network. To get a replacement modem, visit a Spectrum store or contact us. Please recycle your old modem or bring it to a Spectrum store for proper disposal. If you do a modem swap with us, you'll receive a mail return label in your package which can be used to return your old modem.