Home WiFi Support

Learn the Home WiFi basics

Home WiFi is a wireless home network that allows your WiFi-enabled devices, such as laptops, printers, tablets, SMART TVs, smartphones, gaming devices, etc., to connect to the Internet and to one another without the use of wires. You can connect multiple devices at the same time, and it gives you the freedom to move from room to room and stay connected to the Internet from anywhere within the WiFi's signal range.

Manage your Home WiFi

If you need to change any of your WiFi settings, such as the name of your Home WiFi network or password, you need the WiFi-enabled Internet modem passcode your technician records for you at the time of installation, usually in the back of the Welcome Guide. This is the code that enables you to get access to the settings inside the WiFi-enabled Internet modem.

  1. Type in your browser's URL. This link works only when you are connected to your modem and Spectrum Internet service at home.
  2. Enter the username and passcode for your WiFi-enabled Internet modem. If you don’t know the credentials for your WiFi-enabled Internet modem you can look up your default settings.
  3. Various settings will be available to you. To view/change your network name/password, look for WiFi (Connection settings).
  4. Save if you made changes.

For additional help with your settings, find the user guide for your equipment or call 1-855-70-SPECTRUM (855-707-7328).