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Enjoy more than a dozen features with your TWC Phone service

From knowing who’s calling right on your TV to blocking unwanted calls from telemarketers, TWC Phone includes many great features to make sure you get the most out of your service.

Incoming calls to your TWC Phone can simultaneously ring on up to five additional numbers. Activate and manage through VoiceZone®, Time Warner Cable's online TWC Phone web portal.

Press *72 to have your calls automatically forwarded to a local, long distance or mobile phone number of your choice.

To use Call Forwarding:

  1. On the phone with active Phone service where you would like calls transferred from, Press *72; listen for 3 short beeps and then a dial tone.
  2. For long distance dialing enter the 10-digit phone number (1+ area Code + phone number) where calls will be forwarded to and wait for the confirmation tone. After the confirmation tone, the system will automatically place a courtesy call to the forward-to number. (Note: If the local calling area only requires 7 digits please do not enter an area Code).
  3. If the forward-to party answers the courtesy call, the feature is activated.
  4. If at setup time, the forward-to line is busy or there is no answer to the courtesy call, the feature will not be activated. You can still activate Call Forwarding by repeating steps 1 and 2 within two minutes of the first attempt. You will hear an error message if the forward-to number is invalid.
  5. If you have Voicemail, your calls that would usually go to Voice Mail will continue to go to the forward-to number and the Voicemail for the forward-to number (if applicable).
  6. Calls will continue to be forwarded to the chosen number until deactivated. You must remember to deactivate Call Forwarding by pressing *73 and wait for the deactivation confirmation tone.

Go online to view your outgoing phone call activity for the past five months. You can manage your Call History and more in My Account.

Put one call on hold while you answer another. You will hear a short tone that lets you know when another caller is trying to reach you. Switch between callers with ease.

To use Call Waiting:

  1. When you hear the Call Waiting tone, press and release the receiver switch hook or press your phone's Flash button.
  2. Your first call will be placed on hold and your second call will be on the line.
  3. You can go back and forth between the two calls as often as you'd like by pressing and releasing the switch hook or Flash button.
  4. To end the first call and answer the second, simply hang up. Your phone will ring and the second caller will be on the line.
  5. If you're on an important call and do not wish to answer the incoming call, you can simply ignore it and continue talking.

See the name and number of incoming calls, and then put one call on hold to answer another.

Screen your calls and see who's calling before you answer.

See on your TV who's calling your TWC Phone. When your phone rings, the name and number of the caller appears on the screen.

To turn on/off Caller ID on TV:

  1. Press SETTINGS on your digital remote control
  2. Select Caller ID and then Set Up
  3. Press Select on your remote control to turn the Caller ID on/off

To view your last 10 callers:

  1. Press SETTINGS on your digital cable remote control
  2. Select Caller ID and then Call Log to see the list of recent callers

Block incoming and outgoing calls that can cause additional charges. This feature can be used to block incoming calls from third-party and collect callers. Also useful for blocking outgoing calls to international numbers.

Automatically sends your home address and phone number to your local dispatcher when you call 9-1-1.

Press *67 to protect your privacy by blocking your number from being displayed through Caller ID for a particular call.

Time Warner Cable introduces Peace & Quiet, a series of call privacy settings that you control via VoiceZone®. Here’s an overview of each privacy setting:

Call Blocker Accept
Receive calls only from people you specify. Select up to 30 specific phone numbers from which to receive calls. Calls from phone numbers not contained on your list will receive a message saying: “The party you are calling is not accepting calls at this time.” Blocked callers will not appear on Caller ID, will not be forwarded to another number and will not go to Voicemail. Note: When this feature is enabled, incoming calls from 9-1-1 operators and other emergency services will be blocked.


Call Blocker Basic / Call Blocker Plus
You may select either Call Blocker Basic or Call Blocker Plus but not both. Activate using *77 on your phone.

  • With Call Blocker Basic, you can block calls from people who hide their Caller ID information. Most phone systems (including TWC Phone) allow customers to hide their caller-ID legitimately using their system settings. Callers will hear a message explaining why the call has been rejected.
  • With Call Blocker Plus, you can block calls from people who “spoof” their caller ID. A growing number of telemarketers and scammers try to reach our customers by using a false caller ID (“spoofing”) or sometimes no Caller ID information at all to get past defenses like Call Blocker Basic. Call Blocker Plus will intercept these calls. Callers will hear a message explaining why the call has been rejected. Please note that this setting may block some legitimate calls, such as incoming international long distance.


Call Blocker Select
Select up to 30 specific phone numbers to block. Callers on the blocked list will hear a message saying "The party you are calling is not accepting calls at this time." Blocked callers will not appear on Caller ID, will not be forwarded to another number, will not go to Voicemail and will not show up on your Caller ID.


Nomorobo (“no more robots”) is a popular free third-party service that blocks calls from known illegal telemarketers and robocallers. TWC makes it easy for its customers to set up Nomorobo from VoiceZone®. With Nomorobo activated, your phone will automatically hang up any call from a number on its list of known robocallers, usually after one ring.


Outbound Call ID Blocking
Do not send Caller ID info when making a call. When Outbound Call ID Blocking is on, unblock your Caller ID for an individual call by dialing *82. When Outbound Call ID Blocking is off, block your Caller ID for an individual call by dialing *67.

Choose not to have your phone number published in the phone book or given out by Directory Assistance. 

Press *74 to program numbers you call often so you can dial them with one button.

To set up Speed Dial:

  1. Press *74 and listen for the stutter tone.
  2. Choose a digit from 2 to 9.
  3. Enter the 10-digit number (dialing 1 first if it applies) that you want on speed dial and wait for confirmation tone (Note: If the local calling area only requires 7 digits do not enter an area code).
  4. To change a stored number, repeat steps 1-3 using the new desired telephone number.

To use Speed Dial:

  1. Press the chosen digit (from 2 to 9) followed by the # (pound) sign and the system will speed dial the telephone number that correlates to the pre-programmed digit.

Retrieve your phone messages from any phone, your email or online with VoiceZone®.

Access and manage your voicemail and phone settings online, including the option to activate a call privacy feature called "Nomorobo". Learn more about VoiceZone®.

Add a third person to your phone conversation with ease. Share good news with two family members or make plans with friends at the same time without having to make two separate phone calls.

To use 3-Way Calling:

  1. When you are on an existing call, momentarily press the Flash button or switch hook. This places the first person on hold.
  2. Upon hearing the recall dial tone (three tones and then a dial tone), dial the telephone number of the second person.
  3. Press the Flash button or switch hook again, and all people will be joined on the call (if you press the Flash button or switch hook before completing dialing of the second person, you'll be reconnected with the first party).

Notes: If either of the called persons hang up, the call continues with the remaining two. If the person who initiated the call hangs up during a 3-Way call, the call will be disconnected.

When you are on a 3-way call, your Call Waiting and Call Waiting Caller ID will not function. Additional incoming calls will go directly to your Voicemail (or get a busy signal if you don’t have Voicemail service).

Press 6-1-1 from your TWC Phone for technical help with TWC phone features, service or repairs.