Phone Service on the Go

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Enjoy more of what you love from Phone wherever you are.

Major features are organized into tabs, which appear across the bottom of the screen with the current tab highlighted. From left, the tabs are Manage Your Contacts, Text Messages, Recent Calls, Dialer and Voicemail.

Badges appear on each tab to indicate new activity, such as unread text messages, missed calls or new voicemail messages. Tap any tab to access features or view content. The tabs are not visible when accessing detail screens.

You can access Settings from any screen in the Phone 2 Go app that displays the gear icon in the top right corner.

Settings allows you to change your opt in preferences for Phone 2 Go app features, set notification sounds, manage data usage and configure voicemail.

To change your opt-in settings, including call options, message options and contact management, tap Opt-In Settings.


  • Make sure your eMTA (telephone adapter) is powered on and working normally. Phone 2 Go will not function otherwise.

  • Make sure your TWC ID is verified. If not, you will get the message “Access to Phone 2 Go is currently blocked. Please verify your account.” If you get this message, click OK to accept the message and tap the link “Please verify your account” on the login screen. You must then verify your account via the My Account portal.

  • If you cannot make or receive calls, send or receive text messages or manage your contacts using Phone 2 Go, you may not have opted in to one or more features during setup. You can change your opt-in selections from Settings after you’ve installed the app.

  • If you make five incorrect attempts at entering your voicemail PIN, your voicemail box will be locked. To unlock your voicemail box go to My Account then VoiceZone® settings under My Home Phone tab to reset your Voicemail password. You can also access VoiceZone® through VoiceZone® Portal in the Phone 2 Go app under the menu options.

  • Make sure your device nickname does not have spaces, uppercase letters or special characters.