• Program Your Remote
  • Volume Control
  • Common Buttons
  • Batteries
  • Replace Your Remote


Program your remote to control your TV using the instructions below. There are two sets of instructions to program your remote control to work with your TV set and to pair your remote control to your Digital Adapter.

Auto-Search Method

Program your remote by displaying the code that works with your device. The remote scans through all of the codes, one at a time, allowing you to identify the correct code to use with your TV.

Remote Pairing

Pair your remote with your Digital Adapter if you would like to place it out of sight.

Auto-Search Method

The Auto-Search Method scans through all of the codes in the remote control, one at a time, allowing you to identify the correct code. Follow these steps:

Turn on your TV and set it to the proper channel (3 or 4) or HDMI input to match the output selected on the back of the adapter.

On the remote, press and hold the 1 and 3 buttons simultaneously until the red light above DTA POWER turns on.

Point the remote at the TV and then press and hold the TV POWER button. The remote will begin searching for the correct code.

When the TV turns off, release the TV POWER button within two seconds to lock in the code.

To confirm that you have successfully programmed your remote, press TV POWER. If your TV turns on, your remote is ready to use.

Remote Pairing

Your remote is pre-programmed to work with your Digital Adapter in IR (infrared) mode, which uses the normal “line-of-sight” signal between the remote and the adapter. If you plan to use it that way, no pairing is required.

If you want to place your adapter out of sight, you can utilize the RF option, which requires that you pair the remote to the adapter. Once paired, your remote will work with that adapter only.

Connect the Digital Adapter to a power supply and your TV.

Turn on your TV using the buttons on the TV or the TV remote.

Set your TV to the proper channel (3 or 4) or an HDMI input matching the output channel on the back of our Digital Adapter.

Press and hold both the DTA POWER and SELECT keys at the same time.

When the red light on the remote turns on, release both keys.

Wait 10 seconds. A validation code will display on your TV.

Enter the code using the number buttons on the remote.

The red light above the DTA POWER button will blink twice to signify the remote is successfully paired to the Digital Adapter.

Volume Control

Using the remote that came with your TV, adjust the volume to a comfortable level. This should be the last time you use this remote for volume control.

Going forward, use only the Digital Adapter remote to adjust volume up or down.


Commonly Used Buttons

Understanding the buttons on your Digital Adapter remote is essential to unlocking its full potential.
DTA POWER turns the Digital Adapter on or off.
TV POWER turns your television on or off.
MENU opens the Digital Adapter's menu, allowing you to access language, settings and closed captioning options.
INFO displays information about the program you are watching or a selected program in the Guide.
LAST returns the Digital Adapter to the channel you were viewing previously.
PROG is used for programming and pairing of the Digital Adapter.
SELECT, OK or ENTER selects a highlighted program or menu item.
GUIDE displays the program guide on your TV screen.
SETUP is used for programming and pairing of the Digital Adapter.

Buttons may vary by remote brand and model. Some Digital Adapter remote buttons might not have any functionality.


If your remote begins to malfunction, your batteries might need to be replaced.


Remove the battery cover on the back of your TWC and take out and the old batteries.

Carefully install two new AA batteries as shown in the illustration inside the battery cover.

Replace the battery cover.

Replace Your Remote

If you have tried replacing your batteries and you are still having issues with your remote control, it may be time to trade it in. Bring your old remote with you to a local Spectrum Store and trade it for a newer model or contact us for a replacement.