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How It Works

This test measures the speed between your computer and the Internet. Our servers will send a temporary file to your computer to test download speed, then the file will be sent back from your computer to test upload speed.


Step 1

Connect your computer directly to your modem or router.

Step 2

Limit the number of devices using your Internet connection.

Step 3

Disconnect from any proxy connection, such as a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Step 4

Click the “Begin Test” button..

Some features of this page might not be optimized for your device. To run the Speed Test on your mobile device, you must go to www.speedtest.net.


Speed Test Terms

Mbps: “Megabits per second” is a term used to refer to data transfer speeds. One megabit equals one million bits. Megabytes, meanwhile, refer to the size of a file. A four-minute iTunes song, for example, is about four megabytes. With a 10Mbps connection, you can download 20 songs in 60 seconds. With a 100Mbps connection, you can download 200 songs in 60 seconds.
Download Speed: How quickly information travels from the Internet to your computer
Upload Speed: How quickly information travels from your computer to the Internet


What To Do Next

Upgrade your speed

If your speed test result falls within your current plan's range and you want better performance, then consider a speed upgrade. Learn more about our Internet plans.


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*All services may not be available in all areas. Actual speeds may vary. Lease of a modem or purchase of a compatible modem required for Internet service. Current compatible modems can be found at twc.com/compatiblemodems. The speed test is for use exclusively by Spectrum Internet customers on the Spectrum Cable network. Basic and Everyday Low Price Internet plans are not available for purchase online.
Hawaii customers: Internet stated speeds are the maximum speeds, and actual speeds may vary. Refer to “What affects speed” at http://oceanic.com/internet-connectivity and applicable service agreements.