See How to Find TV Channels

Learn ways to find your favorite channels

You can use online and Set-Top Box tools to find and set your favorite channels and shows.

See your local channel lineup to view channels available in your area, including your local broadcasters and cable channels.

Browse, search or sort by genre what's on TV now and in the future.

You can find shows and channels with your on-screen program Guide.

  • Press the GUIDE button to browse the TV listings
  • Press the A button to find channels
  • Press the B button to search

You can also program your favorite channels with the Guide and your remote.
Learn more about the Guide

If you are experiencing problems with the Guide, such as missing information or titles that don't match what is playing, you can reboot your Set-Top Box, which fixes most issues. Learn how to reboot your box.

Are you experiencing issues programming your remote? Visit the Program Your Remote page and select your device to take your viewing experience to the next level. Programming your remote will enable you to turn your cable remote into a universal remote.

Unable to locate the make and model of your remote?
Locate the make and model of your remote in one of the following places on your device:

  • Front of the remote
  • Back of the remote
  • On the inside of the remote's battery cover
  • Underneath the front cover off the remote, if available

Note: If the remote control you own is not depicted, Review the equipment and Instruction Manuals FAQs page or Contact Us.

As a condition of service, you may be required to have equipment for every TV in your home.