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The New Guide

Your guide to better TV is now better

Exciting changes are here or coming soon to your advanced Set-Top Box! The Guide has been modified from its original version; it has been formatted to fit your life.


The New Guide Product Information


Start at the Main Menu

With one press of the MENU button, you can access the key features of the new on-screen Guide from one location.

Instantly access your recently watched channels and recordings

This new feature bookmarks the last 14 shows you've watched so you can go back to your favorites without having to scroll or remember channel numbers. Activate this feature by using the UP and DOWN arrows on your remote while watching TV. Don't love this feature? You can turn it off in SETTINGS.

Find favorite shows no matter where or when they are

Browse seamlessly for live, On Demand or recorded shows. You don't have to toggle among the Guide, DVR and On Demand. Plus, a new "Series" option provides instant access to every available episode of a series. Binge on!

Browse by network

You have your “go-to” channels. Find all the content from your favorite networks in a place where you can browse, watch and record the shows and series you love.

Parents & kids love the new Kids Portal

Kids have their own place to find safe, age-appropriate content on popular networks like Boomerang, Disney, Disney XD, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr. and more.

Get the Most Out of Your TV Service

Find new features in Settings

Press the SETTINGS button on your remote and discover how to:
Personalize your box – Naming your box comes in handy when using Spectrum TV App or My Account to record on your DVR.
Reset your box – No more having to unplug your box to reboot it.