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The Guide

Your guide to better TV

Tune in to the best TV experience with The Guide. Search for shows, find favorite channels, order On Demand, set parental controls and restart shows in progress with Start Over®.


The Guide Product Information

Button Functions

A – Find channels
Press the "A" button to find live and On Demand channels by category, such as Music, Entertainment, Sports, News & Info, Kids & Teens and more.
B – Search
Press the "B" button to search by show title or actor name. See results with images, program descriptions and cast listings. (By the way, the “C” button takes you to live TV.)
GUIDE – Filter channels
Press the GUIDE button twice to display networks in alphabetical order, only On Demand channels, only your favorites, only kids’ channels or more options.
Press the SETTINGS button to:
  • Set parental controls
  • Set favorite channels
  • Adjust aspect ratio
  • Change purchase PIN
  • And much more

Manage your recordings better

With The Guide’s built-in DVR Manager, you can:
  • Schedule recordings of individual shows and series
  • Delete multiple recordings at one time
  • View all recordings of a series within a folder
  • Manage recording conflicts
  • Schedule recordings from TWC TV® app
  • See images of your recorded shows

Never miss a show with Start Over®

TWC's Start Over® feature allows you to restart a program from the beginning when you tune in while it's in progress. You'll see a prompt when you tune to a show that is enabled with Start Over®. Or press the SELECT button to see if it's available.



Set the boundaries with parental controls

Setting limits on your kids’ TV time is easy with The Guide. Press the SETTINGS button on your remote control and go to the PARENTAL CONTROL option. You can block TV programming by show or series title, channel, rating or time of day.

Get the Most Out of Your TV Service

Find On Demand in one place

Find all your On Demand shows in the On Demand Portal.* You can search and browse by categories and networks. Press the ON DEMAND button on your remote control or tune to channel 1000.